Migrating between Synology DiskStations manually

I recently upgraded my home NAS from a DS209 to a DS1513+.  The Synology website has great support and instructions on how to migrate your data between DiskStations.  I ultimately decided to package up, scrub and move my own data.  This approach might not be for everyone, but here are the basic steps:

  1. Create new users on the new DiskStation
  2. On the new DiskStation, open the package center and install all of the packages that you had on the old one.  For example, Audio Station, Video Station, Photo Station, etc.
  3. tar up your data (/volume1/photo, /volume1/video, /volume1/music, /volume1/homes, /volume1/Plex, etc.)
  4. Create a shared directory on the new DiskStation.  Then mount the share on the old DiskStation.
  5. Copy the tar(s) to the new DiskStation (Note:  You will need to enable ssh)
  6. untar the data in a “staging” area on the new DiskStation
  7. Now we need to do some cleanup on the data that we have brought over.First, Synology creates directories “@eaDir” which contains indexed data.  I’d prefer to let the new DiskStation reindex all of the data cleanly.  Therefore, I’ll delete all of those directories.
    find -type d -name @eaDir -exec rmdir {} \;

    Second, Synology also creates hidden directories which I also prefer to delete and let the new DiskStation regenerate them.  You will want to run the find first to review what you will be removing.  If it is something created by the DiskStation, then it is safe to remove.

    find . -name .* -print0 | xargs -0 rm -rf
  8. Move the data back into its proper locations (/volume1/photo, /volume1/video, etc.)
  9. Open the Media Indexing Service from the new DiskStation and reindex the data.

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